Assessment & Certification

The only valid measures of successful training are learning and performance outcomes. Quality assessment resources provide critical tools for measuring a student's skill level. 

Pre-Training. What level course is appropriate for a student? Does a student need to take this course? The Fourth R offers resources to determine the appropriate course level for a student.  

Concurrent with Training. How well is the student performing? What adjustments need to be made to achieve the desired outcomes?  Each section of courseware includes exercises to continuously assess and reinforce learning objectives.

Post-Training. Each course concludes with a final project that is meant to review and assess skills of each student. Assessment software products are also available for many subject areas. Formal certification exams can be arranged to be conducted at you site.


Formal third-party certification provides a recognized benchmark of a student's skills.  The Fourth R proctors thousands of certification exams each year. Hundreds of different certification exams are available ranging from entry level computer skills to advanced technical certifications.

1. Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) 
● Computer Fundamentals
● Key Applications
● Living Online


2. Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

● Core Excel Certification
● Core Word Certification
● Core PowerPoint Certification
● Core Outlook Certification
● Core Access Certification
● Core Project Certification
● Expert Excel Certification
● Expert Word Certification
● Office Master Certification


3. CompTia Entry Level Technician Certifications
● A+ Computer Technician
● Network + Network Administration