Quality courseware serves as the foundation of every successful technology and education program.  Instructors prefer our courseware because it preps easily, flows smoothly, is packed with relevant examples, and can be customized to suit their needs. It' easy to redo the order of a workbook, combine sections from different workbooks, delete activities, or add specific school projects.  Furthermore, most workbooks can be printed locally to save time and money.  If you would like to receive an evaluation copy of courseware, simply email us at and request a copy.


Microsoft Office and IC3 Series
Teach to global education standards with our Microsoft Office and IC3 courseware that is based on recognized standards for digital literacy and desktop computing proficiency,. Appropriate for use in Junior High, High School, and Community College. 
Most courses are available in the Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 generations as instructor electronic masters provided on DVD. Each course represents 7-10 hours of instruction. Many courses are available in Spanish.
● Access Part 1-3
● Computer Fundamentals
● Excel Part 1-4
● Key Applications
● Internet Explorer
● Introduction to Computers
● Living Online
● Outlook Part 1-2
● PowerPoint Part 1-2
● Project Part 1-2
● Publisher 
● Visual Basic
● Windows
● Word Part 1-3
and more...

Fundamental Technology Series (FTS)
FTS courseware uses a step-by-step project-based approach to teach computing skills to children. Appropriate for use in Elementary and Junior High.
● FTS2A Adventures in Writing
FTS2B Multimedia Writing Projects
FTS3A Keyboarding Wizard
FTS3B Word Processing Magic
FTS3C Multimedia Director
FTS3D Multimedia Slideshow Projects
FTS4A Junior Techie
● FTS4B Word Mania

FTS4C Integrated Projects Level 4
FTS4D Word Publishing and the Web
FTS4E Internet Surfing
FTS5A PowerPoint Super Slide Shows
FTS5B Excel Number Crunching
FTS5C Integrated Projects Level 5
FTS5D Word Professional
FTS5E Word Skill Builder Activities
FTS6A Excel Mania
FTS6B PowerPoint Mania
FTS6C Integrated Projects Level 6
● FTS6E Digital Photography Projects

FTS7A Excel Professional
● FTS7B PowerPoint Professional

FTS7C Integrated Projects Level 7
FTS7E Excel Skill Builder Activities
FTS8A Word Master
● FTS8B Publisher Desktop Pro

FTS8C Integrated Projects Level 8 
FTS9A PowerPoint Master
● FTS9B Excel Master

FTS9C Integrated Projects Level 9  

Entry Level IT Vocational Tracks
The IT training and certification program tracks make students stand out in a crowd. 
Entry level technical courseware includes lecture and lab components.  Appropriate for use in High School and Vocational schools.
A+ Computer Technician (80+ hours)
● Network+ Network Administration (40+ hours)