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School Programs

At the Fourth R, we believe that technology is a subject to learn, and more importantly, technology is a powerful tool for learning. Schools, like the rest of the world, are moving high-tech.  Computing is becoming as much a part of student life as final exams.  Fundamental information technology courses empower educators and students with valuable skills for success in education and the workplace.  

Students learn how to take advantage of the computer as a tool for homework, communication, research, self-expression, and integrated projects. Effective and productive use of technology has an enormous impact on a child's success in school today.  

On-Site Training
Technology courses for staff or students can be offered on-location as part of the host site curriculum or as an extracurricular activity.

  • Your hardware or ours
  • During/ after school
  • Summer/ holiday workshops


Keyboarding**Word Processing**Online Communication and Research**Operating Systems**Multimedia Presentations**Information Management**Graphic Design**Animation**Spreadsheets**Charts**Databases**Media Integration**Web Design**Programming**Robotics**Desktop Publishing**History**Ethics